How to Know Core Web Vitals Affects Your Search Rankings

How to Know Core Web Vitals Affects Your Search Rankings

Google's John Mueller shares how to know if the Page Experience Update is affecting website search rankings

Core Web Vitals Affect Google Rankings with Lee Robinson

Are you curious about how will core web vitals will impact Google rankings in 2021?
Lee Robinson had a talk at the JSWORLD Conference USA, in which he talked about how can landing a top spot on Google have a multi-million dollar impact on your business.
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Core Web Vitals – part 1 | Optimize your Website & get Ranked | SEO Certification Training | Uplatz

In this session by Uplatz, you will learn about the Core Web Vitals that play an important role in a website’s search engine optimization. This is part-1 of the two part series.

The video appears is about Core Web Vitals, which is a set of website performance metrics introduced by Google. Core Web Vitals are considered to be a crucial ranking factor for websites because they impact user experience. The three metrics that make up Core Web Vitals are Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) measures the time it takes for the largest content element on a page to load. First Input Delay (FID) measures the time it takes for a user to be able to interact with a page. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) measures the visual stability of a page.

The video explains that LCP is the most important metric of the three because it measures the content that users see first. The video also discusses how to measure Core Web Vitals using tools like Google Search Console and how to interpret the data. The video emphasizes the importance of focusing on mobile users when optimizing for Core Web Vitals because they are more likely to be affected by slow loading times and poor website performance.

Another important aspect of Core Web Vitals is the First Input Delay (FID). FID measures the time it takes for a user to interact with the website. For example, if a user clicks a button, how long does it take for the website to respond to that action? Ideally, FID should be less than 100 milliseconds. If the FID is higher, it can negatively impact the user experience and the website’s ranking.

The third aspect of Core Web Vitals is the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). CLS measures how stable the website’s layout is as it loads. If a website’s layout is constantly shifting and moving around as it loads, it can be frustrating for the user and negatively impact the website’s ranking. CLS should be less than 0.1.

To check a website’s Core Web Vitals, you can use Google Search Console. In the Core Web Vitals report, you can see data on the website’s LCP, FID, and CLS. The report will show which pages have good Core Web Vitals and which pages need improvement.

In conclusion, Core Web Vitals are an important factor in website ranking and user experience. By optimizing a website’s LCP, FID, and CLS, website owners can improve their website’s performance and ranking on search engines.


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How to fix Google Core Web Vitals LCP errors issue and get High Rankings in Search Results

In this video you can learn how you can fix google core web vitals error issue which affects your website ranking in google search results. Not fix core web vitals error can cause your website to get no or very low traffic from search results, for seo it is very important to decrease the LCP (Largest contentful paint) time.

Some tips to fix lcp issue are:
Use good wordpress hosting.
Optimize images
Improve caching
Use less embeds or move them to bottom of page so they don’t affect the LCP time.

To check your site loading time you can use gtmetrix and google page speed tests.

Part 2

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How Core Web Vitals Can Affect Your Ranking

What is your Google’s Core Web Vitals Score? Are you optimizing for user experience. This means staying visible on Google. Does your site load fast enough. Improving your site load time, interactivity and visual stability can help boost your organic ranking and brand awareness.

In this video, we will be looking at Google’s page experience update and Google Core Web Vitals.

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Google Core Web Vitals FAQs:

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