10 Key Steps To Ranking Higher In Google Maps

10 Key Steps To Ranking Higher In Google Maps

Put your business on the map and secure more customers. Follow these top 10 tips to become more visible on Google Maps.

How To Rank In Google Map Pack 2022 Live Case Study!

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What do I believe was the big push from and what actually made us lose the #1 spot in the last week or so? I cover this in the video on what I believe happened.


Ranking a GMB is incredibly powerful so we wanted to put our strategy to the test and go for a keyword that is competitive. Here are a few key things we did to rank number 1 in Google.

First thing we did is optimize our on page of the website including Title, headings and text content.

We also did a map embed and internal linking.

The next step is making sure all your business listing citations are built out, especially the high authority listings and the ones that the top competitors have.

Social branding also gets done at the same time as the business listings. This is the natural and safe foundation we build around the brand. Consistently putting the exact Business name, Address and Phone number from the verified Google Business Profile across the web on all the profiles and listings is important.

Using power links like mentioned in the video I believe is really overlooked. Learn more about Ranking Google Business Profiles at the top and local SEO. Here are our Local SEO training.


A crucial component is getting a high percentage of your backlinks indexed. I can go on down the rabbit hole on this topic but I do not have enough time in one video.

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BOOST Your Google My Business Rankings in Google Maps and Search! #Short

Wanna boost your Google Maps and Search rankings? It could boil down to the”LOCATION AUTHORITY” of your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

For instance, if you’re GMB listing isn’t readily appearing when you search its name verbatim (e.g. “John Doe Realty”) or even when your search phrase includes a location identifier (e.g. “John Doe Realty, Nashville, TN”), it could be a product of poor location authority.

To test yours, conduct a search (Google Maps and/or Google Search) while physically standing inside the listing’s verified location (with location-tracking enabled on your search device). If it’ll populate your GMB listing there but nowhere else, chances are, it’s the result of lousy “location authority.”

Here’s how to improve your Google My Business location authority:

1. Claim/Verify your business listing. Here’s details on how: bit.ly/Claim-GMB

2. Never-stop getting reviews!

(TIP ☑️ : whenever possible, focus on seller testimonials. Google searches in which the user is seeks out the real estate agent tend to be associated w/ “seller intent,” so it’d look good for there to be lots of past sellers bragging on you.)

3. Match-up your back-linked business citations across the web. In other words, make sure the name of your GMB listing, its address, its phone number, its URL, etc. are exactly the same (character for character) as on other popular websites, such as Yelp, Zillow, Facebook, and so on. The name part may be tough if usernames on social sites are unavailable, so just do your best.

4. Add photos galore: pics of you, your listings, your team, behind-the-scenes, etc.

(TIP ☑️ : check out tools like geoimgr.com which allows you to geo-tag your images before uploading to GMB. That way, as Google scans the contents of your business listing, trying to decipher whether it’s relevant to the searcher’s intent, it may see photos at tagged locations proximate to the searcher, which thus, may bolster-up your listing’s location authority.)


How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing in 2022 | 15+ Tips To Rank Higher In Google Maps

Want to know what it takes to rank in the 3 local map pack? In this video, I show you the best strategies to optimize your google my business listing.

Want to learn How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing in 2022 to generate more traffic and more calls for your local business?

In this video, I discuss in-depth, what it takes to rank in the 3 local map pack to show up more when someone searches for your business’s services. I have followed this to consistently rank in the top three map pack and generate thousands of calls a year for a local home service business.

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✅Google Support | Improve Your Local Rankings

✅Moz Local Rankings Factors

1:55 Using Correct Business Name
2:55 Choosing Your Categories
4:35 Choosing Your Address Properly
7:15 Subscribe
7:35 Choose The Right Hours
9:34 Choose Your Profile Shortname
10:05 Set Your Appointment Links
10:30 List All Of Your Products
11:35 List All Of Your Services
12:07 Get & Respond To Reviews
14:10 Add Regular Photos
15:12 Use Google Posts
16:00 Select Highlights
16:18 Write Great Business Description
16:48 Optimize Your Website
18:09 Everything Else

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10 Google My Business Profile SEO Tips to Rank on Google Maps in 2023

10 Google My Business Profile SEO Tips to Rank on Google Maps in 2023
Website: https://chrispalmermarketing.com — Mastermind : https://seomastermind.org

1. Brand Authority Building
2. Time + Patience = Authority
3. Home Mentions Locations / Services
4. Optimize Profile Around Locations / Services
5. Have a page targeting the location and service
6. Create daily / weekly posts about the service and location
7. Upload user generated images related to service and location
8. Generate reviews about location and service
9. Generate Clicks and traffic from location about service.
10. Jump Start With Geo Targeted Google Ads

Today’s video will walk you through the five things that are actually moving the needle for business owners regardless of the industry that you’re in. It is true that proximity for rankings has certainly been demoted however you can still get very strong rankings in a 5 to 8 mile radius regardless of competitiveness.

This video will walk you through what will actually work and move the needle for your business in 2023 and moving forward. If you have any questions related to Google my business or Google Business profiles feel free to go ahead and ask in the section below I’m always happy to help and share what actually is ranking Google Maps listings in 2023.
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