Literary Magazines and Anthologies

Featuring the poetry of Matthew Lippman:

Artful Dodge (2010):
“Variations On A River By Stevens”

American Poetry Review (2010/2009/2007/2003/1999/1996):
“Marriage Pants,” “With Black Man,” “Get Me Some Dinner,” “In The Pink Waters Of Venus,” “Where Are All The Puerto Ricans” “In Time With The Time,” “South Going South,” “Two Deborahs,” “One Gray Hair,” “Mid-Afternoon Shut Eye,” Goes Inward,” “At The Sea,” “No Ma, I’m Not A Gangster”

Pleiades (2009/2002/2000/1996):
“Like Lizards,” “With Pick and Hammer,” “Storming The Boardwalk,” “Blonde And All”

Salt Hill (2009):
“Hello Hello,” “Shut Up Hamburger”

580 Split (2009)
“A Great Man Is Not An Onion”

Laurel Review (2009):

Drunken Boat (2009):
“Across The Triborough Bridge At Midnight”

Seneca Review (2008-1992):
“Little Incisions,” “From God’s Notebook,” “Valentine’s Day,” “How To Tell Jesus From Your Momma,” “Pushkin Gracefully,” “Life of Buzzards,” “Hallelujah Terrible,” “Primavera,” “The Smartest Woman In The World”

Margie (2008/2005):
“The Lord’s Prayer,” “Of Nazareth”

Barrelhouse (2008):
“Ah Mandelbaum”

Forklift: Ohio (2008/2005/2003):
“Daffodils In The Head,” “Made Of Something,” “Thataboy”

Sixth Finch (2008):
“Oranges,” “The Madness Of Anne Hathaway”

Diagram (2008/2003):
“Banjo Land,” “Droopy Canopy Of Autumn,” “At The Wedding”

Tin House (2007):
“No More Bees,” “Naked Flower”

Broken Land: Poems of Brooklyn,NYU Press (2007):
“Swell of Flame”

The Lumberyard (2007)
“At Keelers,” “Moses”

The Seattle Review (2006):
“To Be Dumb”

Upstreet Magazine (2006):

Lyric (2005):
“My Austrian Buick”

Conduit (2005):
“The Joy Is Everything”

The Literary Review (2005/2004/2002/2001):
“The Camouflage of 4/4 Time,” “When The Hand Meets The Expectation Of Hand,” “Means Green Is Beautiful,” “The Inside Of My Mouth,” “Güterzug,” Okay,” “The Afternoon Walk;” translation of Gabriele D’Annunzio’s “Stabat Nuda Aestas”

The Iowa Review (2003/1994/1992):
“January,” “Afternoon In The Jungle Shop,” “Children’s Book,” “The New Year of Yellow”

West Branch (2003):
“Valley Of The Black Angus”

The Beloit Poetry Journal (2003):
“Caught Up In Trees”

Spinning Jenny (2002-1997):
“Oklahoma,” “Burning Making,” “For The Bees With The Bees,” “The Horseshit Poem,” “The Art Of Being Backwards,” “Lips,” “Moby Toby”

Green Mountains Review (2001):
“What The Light Was”

Greensboro Review (2000):
“Milking The Cow”

Fence (2000):
“Apple Psalm”

Black Warrior Review (1998):

Witness (1998):
“Drought Days,” “Not The Millennium”

Best American Poetry of 1997:
“Hallelujah Terrible”

The Plum Review (1997):
“High School”

Hayden Ferry’s Review (2000/1997):
“Palette,” “I Suppose The Sadness Of Things”

Fine Madness (1996/1994):
“Newspaper,” “Ruminations On Ezekiel,” “Life Without Radiator”

New Virginia Review (1995):
“Chops On The Ferris Wheel”

Indiana Review (1995):
“Raising Ali,” “Something Velvet”

ArkAngel (1995/1994):
“Interstate,” “Three,” “At The Sea”

Sonora Review (1994):
“Twentieth Century Rant”

The Massachusetts Review (1994):
“Out Of The Air”

Columbia Review (1993):
“Saints,” “Country Has No Lights”

Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies (1993):
“At The Stove”

Tikkun (1993):
“Notes From The Truck”

Brooklyn Review (1992):
“Got Got”

Mudfish (1992/1991):
“Before The Harvest,” “To Die In The Bronx,” “Four Foot Maple At Birth”11:23 PM 3/14/2010